Northern Lights Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the most practical and effective ways to prevent crime around your home. A well-lit home is a deterrent because it exposes the criminal, making them feel vulnerable and insecure. Northern Lights, a division of Landscapes East, Inc., uses Cast Lighting Systems® exclusively. Cast Lighting Systems® warranties their product for life, excluding bulbs and labor. Northern Lights works with Cast Lighting Systems® because their system can withstand rust and corrosion. The light fixtures are made from solid brass with stainless steel lamp sockets. Your lighting is a lifetime investment. A professionally landscaped property is a sure ticket to a quick resale. It gives your home great curb appeal, with a sense of place and value. Let Northern Lights put the lighting in your well landscaped yard!

Accent Lighting

  • Moon Lighting - An effect that resembles moonlight when the fixture are placed in the trees.

  • Spotlighting - A technique for highlighting objects such as a statue, tree or entrance way.

  • Grazing - Light place to shine across a surface such as brick or stucco walls, or a natural surface such as a tree bark to bring out all the texture.

  • Silhouetting - The silhouette of an object can be created by reflecting light behind a vertical surface. The light source should be concealed, usually directly behind and below the object to be silhouetted.

  • Uplighting - This technique provides dramatic effects. The light source is mounted or recessed in the ground and angled up to display a tree or structure.

  • Cross Lighting - Uses two or more light sources positioned below an object to illuminate it from different directions.

Path & Spread Lighting

  • Path Lighting - Increasing pedestrian safety while beautifying path and walkways using a wide assortment of path lighting fixtures.

  • Spread Lighting - Brightens walkways, low foliage and decorative ground cover with smooth symmetrical patterns.

Deck & Garden

Add safety, security and ambience to your patio and deck areas. Decking and patio elevation changes are dangerous when they are not lit. Versatile and compact fixtures with a soft light are best suited for use under and along hand rails porch spindles and steps. Create beautiful points of interest in your yard or garden with illuminated, functional garden art. Underwater spread and directional lighting can enhance a pond and accentuate fish and the aquatic plant life of your water garden.

Like Music, Lighting Sets the Mood...

Innovative Lighting Solutions

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