Landscapes East services all of Central New York, including Fayetteville, Manlius, Cazenovia, Skaneateles, Dewitt, Jamesville and the surrounding areas.


Landscape water gardens and water features are typically installed and built for those interested in the soothing sounds created by a waterfall. Waterfalls can be relaxing and calming after a long day at work.

Most water features are built using various sizes of rocks and stones strategically placed. Prior to the start of a water feature installation the property owners will need to make arrangements with a qualified electrician to install a power source with a GFI outlet.

A pond installation includes a pre-liner, liner, pump, hoses, fittings, (and filters if fish will be living in the pond)

  • Fish Ponds – Need to be installed at a depth below frost levels (typically a minimum of 36”-40”). Fish ponds typically also need a filtering system to help maintain the health of fish. Fish ponds require more maintenance than a pondless water feature.

  • Pondless Water Features – A great option for those interested in the sounds and effects of the water without all of the maintenance of maintaining a water pond. Stones are placed in the “pond” eliminating any standing water and minimizing algae growth. Landscapes East highly recommends this type of water feature.

  • Pond Lighting – Creates an extended visual view of a water feature which can be enjoyed well after dark. Spot lights may be directed at the water feature, or aquatic lights may be installed directly in the water feature.

All water features require some maintenance and cleaning.

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